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Welcome to Howe's Grocery Store!

Howe’s Grocery is a research tool that simulates a real online grocery shopping experience. Researchers at Duke University developed the store by pulling product information from live online grocery retailers in the U.S., including up-to-date images, ingredients, nutrition information, and prices. There are over 11,000 food products available on our store across all product categories, from produce to beverages. The store does not include alcohol or household products.
How closely does Howe’s resemble a real online shopping experience?
Howe’s Grocery closely replicates a realistic online shopping experience. Participants can click on an item to view its nutrition fact label and ingredients. The item can be added to a shopping cart, and the cart can be viewed prior to checkout. Sales tax will be added to the grand total. There is a cart icon in the upper right-hand corner for users to quickly access their cart information. Howe's Grocery does not deliver food to participants or collect payment information.
What are the default product categories?
At the top of the store’s page, the following product categories are displayed: Produce; Meat, Dairy & Eggs; Bakery, Pasta & Grains; Dry Goods, Breakfast & Spices; Pantry; Canned; Snacks; Beverages; and Frozen Foods. Each category has relevant subcategories to make navigation easier.
What aspects of the store can be customized by researchers?
Researchers can alter food labeling (e.g., “heart healthy”), product sorting (e.g., ascending by calories per serving), cart summaries (e.g., display count of foods with health labels), the nutrition fact label (e.g., total fat appears in red text), the categories of food available including forming custom categories (e.g., SNAP eligible, organic products), participants budgets (i.e. participants can spend no more than $200), product recommendations, price (including offering promotions), and adding additional product attributes (e.g., carbon footprint).Researchers can also change whether participants are able to add items to cart by dollar amount (e.g., $5 worth of bananas), by number (e.g., 5 bananas) or both.
What information can researchers track?
Data sheets can be generated from the store that include the products added to cart, the total amount spent, items viewed but not added to cart, items removed from cart, and the category, nutritional value, and price of each item purchased.
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